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Here's some of the playing squares, situations, activities and characters you will meet in The Game of Romance.
Food can be so much fun! Whet your appetite with some of the activities in this game. As you move around the board, you'll encounter situations where you use food to play, tease, taunt--and, yes, even eat!
Has your significant other asked you, Can we talk? Talking can be a great way to engage and arouse your partner. Whether you're tackling serious subjects or just laughing at life's absurdities, talking creates bonds that bring you closer together. The situations in this game help you strengthen your bonds with your spouse.
What's life without a little money changing hands? As you move around the board, you'll encounter events that cost you money or earn you money. Just like in real life, you may wish to buy your way out of a situation. And just like in real life, money is not the only form of acceptable currency! You can bargain for the right to say no--or yes!--to whatever situation you may encounter.
You're not afraid of a few suggestive words or challenges, are you? We didn't think so. That's why you'll like this game. It encourages you to think outside the box, and to laugh at the vignettes this game may ask you to act out.
You might land on a square that demands Show me your wet spot, or another that lets you do anything to your partner for 1 minute as long as that something is above the neck. Be creative! Be imaginative! This game will ignite your creativity.
What's more seductive--or fun--than a game which restricts how much of your partner's clothing you can remove, when you can remove it, and what you can (and can't) do until that clothing is removed!
Our goal is to have fun! Laugh. Smile. Try something new. Play. Enjoy playing and playing with someone you care about.

Here's what you get:

The front of the box

The back of the box

Box contents: playing board, money, cards, timer, spinner, men, instructions

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